Work started on biography about Bob Richel

Today, 22nd of April, the birthday of Bob Laurentius Richel, marks the day the work has started on a book about his life, his interest in the occult and how this all cumulated into his art which has been left to various collections around the world.

To keep you all informed about the process on the book, there is a Facebookpage on which you can read the latest developments. You can visit the page here.

There is no publishing date for this extensive work. I intend to finish the research first, and then start the writing process. The book will be slightly different than my previous publications. It will meet the academic standards I hold in high regard, but the book will be more contemplative and more speculative in some aspects. This is due to the nature of Bob’s works, which not only tell us something about his understanding of the occult, but also of his life.

I expect the manuscript to be ready by 2020 or 2021.

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