Upcoming book: The Gnome Manuscript

It is with great pleasure that I want to announce that Troy Books has shown great interest in my upcoming books concerning the Gnome Manuscript of J.H.W. Eldermans which is dispersed over various collections in Europe. The largest part is in the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic. Both granddaughters of Eldermans own a photostat version of a Gnome Manuscript and there are various notes on gnomes in the collection of the Zentralbibliothek in Zürich, Switzerland.

Because of the nature of the book and the vast amount of material dealt with in this work, the book has been divided in three parts. The first part is called The Gnome Manuscript, and it deals with everything cultural about gnomes: their history, their clothing, shoes, tools, their eating habits, their migration patterns and their behaviour. The second part deals with magic on gnomes and is called The Gnome Grimoire. In this part you can read about magic used to attract gnomes and to repel them. A separate chapter deals with gnomes in association with treasure hunting. The third part is called The Gnome Compendium and deals with various notes, witness reports and the mythology concerning gnomes. The research for these books had already been done in 2014, so it took me four months to write it all down, and to add some more details concerning gnomes in The Netherlands.

The first book will be going to the editor in the coming weeks. There is no available release-date for this book, Jane Cox of Troy Books assured me she wanted it in editing as soon as possible. We may look at a Christmas release or early 2019 release. Details can be found on the Troy Books website or on this page.

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