Podcast Hidden Light online!

Last Saturday I had a very pleasant conversation with Karagan Griffith of the Podcast Hidden Light. Karagan is known for his other podcast On the Blackchair which I actually liked very much. The Silent Listener. The Life and Works of J.H.W. Eldermans was the first book to be featured in the Hidden Light podcast, and you can hear the... Lees verder →

Hidden Light Podcast

Today I was interviewed for the Hidden Light Podcast, by Karagan Griffith, a well known name in the circles of witchcraft and the occult. Karagan once presented a variety of internet-shows of which In the Blackchair might ring a bell with a number of people. The podcast is being edited and comes online in the coming... Lees verder →

Article in Dutch paper Algemeen Dagblad

Last Saturday an article appeared on The Silent Listener. The Life and Works of J.H.W. Eldermans in the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad. You can read the online version here. This article is in Dutch only, here is the translation in English: A civil servant from The Hague worked on thousands of drawings full of magical symbols which he... Lees verder →

Report from the PFI symposium

A visitor wrote a report on the Pagan Federation International Summer symposium of June 10th 2018 in The Hague. As it is in Dutch, I will give you the translation: Wilmar Taal: The Silent Listener After this ritual of reflection a lecture followed by Wilmar Taal about the life and works of J.H.W. Eldermans (1904-1985).... Lees verder →

PFI Summer symposium, The Hague

Yesterday we had to leave our second home on De Veluwe early to make it to The Hague in time for the Pagan Federation International Summer Symposium in the beautiful 'Koorenhuis' in The Hague. Now let me say that I find The Hague a nightmare to drive a car around, but the travel was incredibly... Lees verder →

Book launch and signing session in London

On 21st July The Silent Listener. The Life and Works of J.H.W. Eldermans will be launched at a very special location in London, United Kingdom: The Atlantis bookshop. The Atlantis Bookshop is famous in esoteric circles. During the 1940's the shop was an important meeting point for the 'creme de la creme' of the occult scene in London.... Lees verder →

Download my first book

As many of you know, I have written a book that is published four years ago. I was trying to get it re-published again, but negotiations failed. The second edition of Wie Nunspeet zegt, zegt Van Vloten can be downloaded for free here. If you want to support my work, please make a small donation, which will... Lees verder →

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