PFI Summer symposium, The Hague

Yesterday we had to leave our second home on De Veluwe early to make it to The Hague in time for the Pagan Federation International Summer Symposium in the beautiful ‘Koorenhuis’ in The Hague. Now let me say that I find The Hague a nightmare to drive a car around, but the travel was incredibly smooth. The weather was beautiful, I was in good spirits and we were welcomed at the entrance by Morgana and immediately brought to the table where I had to sell the books and sign them if necessary. Once we unloaded the boxes, I started to set up the laptop and my wife was going to park our car in one of the parking garages in the neighbourhood.

What immediately caught my eye was the open-mindedness among the ‘pagans’. Although Paganism is a term for many religious groups that differentiate from the larger religions, they all seemed very welcoming to people in their midst, and there was no judgment concerning gender, sexual orientation or personal expression, which I find a pleasant atmosphere to work in. There was a nice crowd when I started my presentation and I had the impression it all went smoothly. The heat caused my bald head to glow up in the relative darkness of the stage, so there were some special effects as well.

What also came to my attention is that people are genuinely interested in the subject of J.H.W. Eldermans and his immense collection. Some came to comment on it personally, there were quite some questions from the audience and people came up to my bookstand to look at the book and there were even some buyers. The book performed very well on this symposium. Where I had to make real effort for my first book to be sold during the walks I organized, this one nearly sold itself, which I consider a compliment. The stock I ordered had been sold but one copy. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) the printers made a mistake and sent me another 20 copies last week. Well, I wonder how long these will remain in ‘stock’.

Needless to say that this was a fruitful sunday afternoon and I am convinced more will follow. This is what I love doing. So if you are interested in a presentation about J.H.W. Eldermans, please contact me through this page

© 2018 Wilmar Taal

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