Report from the PFI symposium

A visitor wrote a report on the Pagan Federation International Summer symposium of June 10th 2018 in The Hague. As it is in Dutch, I will give you the translation:

Wilmar Taal: The Silent Listener

After this ritual of reflection a lecture followed by Wilmar Taal about the life and works of J.H.W. Eldermans (1904-1985). Wilmar Taal wrote the book you see depicted next about Eldermans (in English) and told us about the history of the magic collection by Eldermans. In a newspaper from The Hague a very interesting article appeared on Eldermans. Wilmar Taal told an enthralling tale about Eldermans and his collection. Wilmar Taal thought Eldermans wasn’t a practitioner of magic, but had a broad interest that never got any depth. However Ronald Hutton mentioned in the article that Eldermans’ collection was of great importance. Although Wilmar Taal gave a fascinating lecture, his story couldn’t tempt me to buy the book. Eldermans appears to me personally as a kind of stamp collector who did not collect stamps but everything that had something to do with magic from his time without gaining any wisdom, having experience with it or practicing it.

The person who wrote the report didn’t know that the article he mentioned was actually written by me: the article copied text from my press release. He could have found out by downloading the press release from my website. Ronald Hutton did think the collection was of great importance, as it was one of the few collections by modern day ‘magicians’ that could have survived. By not buying the book, you don’t get the entire picture. This was merely a lecture of an hour. The book contains research spanning three years. But being called an enthralling lecturer is considered a compliment.

Dutch readers can find the report here.

© 2018 Wilmar Taal


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