Off to London

Tonight we will be in bed early, because tomorrow morning we’re off to London for the book launch at the Atlantis Bookshop at the Museumstreet. There will be a nice turnup, so the trip is not in vain, and to be honest: a book launch in the Atlantis Bookshop is never in vain.

After London I will be enjoying a week of vacation visiting museums, book markets and other people drawing events, and then it is full blown research time. I have a few ideas for making the book on Bob Richel known to a wider audience. First I am going to explore the idea of Vlogs. Not those popular vlogs that makes youngsters rich and calls them influencers, but informative vlogs about the research trajectory. It might give you an insight in what I have to do to research and write a book.

The Vlog-idea is quite premature, but I am currently thinking how this should be done properly. I will report back in time to this site, and ofcourse the vlogs will be available here as well. The vlogs will be a replacement for the newsletters I sent around when writing the Eldermans-book.

First things first. Tomorrow the alarm will go off at 3.30 hrs, we will be picked up at 4.30 hrs and arrive at the airport around 5.00 AM. Then we can go through security, through customs and hopefully have some time left for a cup of coffee. Then it is boarding time and off to England. We arrive in London Luton around 7.10 hrs local time. Our train departs around 8.33 from the station and we will be in St. Pancras around 9.10 hrs. There we will secure our weekend-subway passes and go to the hotel to drop off the Luggage. Presumably around 11.00 clock we will be ready to start exploring the city.

A full report of the book launch will be on this site shortly.

© 2018 Wilmar Taal

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