Article about the Wormer Hole Mystery

Last week I was interviewed by a journalist of the Noord Hollands Dagblad (Herald of Northern Holland) about my article in Skepter concerning the Wormer Hole Mystery. Another article appeared three years ago that expressed the hypothesis that these holes, which were attributed to some object that fell from the sky with considerable force, were actually caused by medieval peat extraction. I am more convinced that these holes are exposed wells from early medieval times. This hypothesis was already presented in 1975 and recently local archaeologist Piet Kleij re-iterated this hypothesis again. His arguments were quite valid, and based on recent archaeological discoveries of farm houses in the area. It appeared that two of those farmhouses were in the direct vicinity of two of the holes. The hole where there was no knowledge of such a farmhouse, was the one that was excavated and in which they found shards of pottery associated with… wells…

The article is in Dutch, and you can read it below.

NHD Wormer

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