Come autumn, come new opportunities

What a ride 2018 has been so far! The Silent Listener. The Life and Works of J.H.W. Eldermans finally published, launched in both the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic and the Atlantis Bookshop in London and the response so far is overwhelming. And let us not forget the wonderful PFI-Summer symposium in The Hague! Currently I am doing literary research into the life of Bob Richel, interviews and archival research are postponed for a month or maybe two, due to circumstances and last week I received word from my proofreader/editor of Troy Books that she received the manuscript of my next endeavour: The Gnome Manuscript. So the coming weeks not being able to do much research into Bob’s life, might even come in handy.

But there is more on the horizon. In the October issue of Paravisie there will be a review for The Silent Listener, as in the final issue of Vertelcultuur, an online magazine of the Meertens Institute in Amsterdam. The latter I already read, and I am proud to have such a great review. In November I am on the road again, this time I am speaking three times in Belgium at the Para Astro fairs, and I am really stoked about that! If you want to attend, I offer The Silent Listener paperbacks only on these fairs for 20 euros. And if you like, I’ll sign them for you as well! For these fairs I am going to change the PowerPoint presentation a little bit, so that every lecture will be an experience apart from the book and from a possible previous lecture you might have attended.

There are some other things ‘cooking’ so to speak. And I am very proud to see that various libraries have decided to take The Silent Listener into their catalogue. Recently I discovered that my book is now in the University library of the University of Amsterdam. The Rijksmuseum Research Library has both my books on the shelf, and various open libraries have stocked my book, so if you are still doubting if you should buy The Silent Listener, go and lend it at a library, or obtain your copy through inter-librarian loans. If you want to buy The Silent Listener, the paperbacks can be bought here. You can also obtain your copy from Troy Books. If you really want the special edition, you can only order it from Troy!

The book is also available at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic (paperback and hardcover) and the Atlantis Bookshop in London (paperback and hardcover) and various bookshops around the world!

To everyone who made my year this incredible ride, thank you very much. And I hope to see everyone again at one of my future lectures or launches.

© 2018  Wilmar Taal

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