A great review in Paravisie


In the October edition of Paravisie a review was published of The Silent Listener. The Life and Works of J.H.W. Eldermans, and it got five stars out of five stars! Although the review is in Dutch, a translation for English readers is below! Needless to say that I am very pleased and extremely happy with this review. In the November edition of this magazine an interview with yours truly will be published. Coming Tuesday I will be interviewed for De Stentor newspaper, and this book will be part of that interview. And still there is more to come, like the brilliant review in the online magazine Vertelcultuur by Prof. Dr. Theo Meder! And indeed: the wait is for a Dutch translation of this book, because the story of J.H.W. Eldermans should also be heard in Dutch!

The review: The Silent Listener. Sometimes you receive a book of which the visual aspects of the lay-out will promise a good read. It is totally cool when the high expectations are surpassed after reading it! The Silent Listener is such a book. It is written by Wilmar Taal, the man who studied the Round House mystery in Nunspeet a few years earlier, and it tells of the life and works of J.H.W. Eldermans: a probation officer who, hidden from everyone, turned his fascination for folklore, magic and the occult into a very expanded collection of self-made drawings, objects, manuscripts, photographs and notes. His fantasies, how beautiful and intriguing designed, were never meant for the general public. That we are able to see them, causes feelings of gratitude and shame. The first feeling however dominates, because his work is a unique ode to the human imagination, artistry and creativity. The only thing lacking is the Dutch translation!

And there is more good news on the way! Keep your eye on this website, because exciting things are about to happen!

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