A busy autumn

Research on Bob Richel is on the way, the first day in the National Archives is behind me and was above expectations. There will be two more visits to The Hague to check every file which might tell us something about Bob or his comings and goings. There is a lot of literature study going on, and I am still working on the timeline which will guide me through the writing process. Still have to plan the interviews, but once that all is done, we can start studying the artwork and make interpretations of the most significant works by Bob.

In between Mary and I are editing my next publication for Troy Books, scheduled to be published in 2019: The Gnome Manuscript. It will appear that I publish books quicker than I change my underwear, but the research for this books is already four years old! It only needed to be written, and last year I worked from September 2017 to January 2018 to complete the book on the Gnome works by Eldermans. It is one large work, divided over three volumes. The first volume, The Gnome Manuscript will be followed by two more: The Gnome Grimoire and The Gnome Compendium, covering all known works by Eldermans concerning the ‘little people’.

It is planned to work on Hermaphroditus simultaneously, and once the manuscript for that book is delivered, I will start working on The Twelve Keys of Eldermans, being my final publication on the works of this remarkable probation officer. There are a few plans to follow this book up with something entirely different, and I have to pick the idea that speaks to me the most. To be continued.

© 2018 Wilmar Taal

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