Research status Bob Richel and other things you might want to know…

At this moment the archival research for Bob Richel is pending on permission to consult records being under restriction. These records contain personal information, and although these records are almost a century old, privacy legislation, which has been updated this year, prohibits me of consulting these records freely. The owners of the records need to approve my need to consult them. Instead of waiting I am preparing myself for another mystery, which can only be solved by travelling to certain archival institutions in the Southern part of The Netherlands. And I am going to prepare myself for the upcoming interviews with various people who have known Bob and who might be able to shed some light on some prying questions I do have!

The upcoming new book by my hand, The Gnome Manuscript, is with the proof reader/editor of Troy Books, and the first two chapters have already been edited. Some new information which might be interesting for the people who are eager to read about Eldermans’ gnomes has come to light in the Bob Richel-research, and will eventually be added to The Gnome Manuscript. There is however no design for the book, but having seen the wonderful work Gemma of Troy Books has done with The Silent Listener, I am confident that she will blow me away with her design for The Gnome Manuscript. To give you an idea of what to expect: it is a partly facsimile-edition of Eldermans’ work. You get to see the Original work by Eldermans, and you get translations and comments by yours truly. It will be quite a different book compared to The Silent Listener. Just as the upcoming book on Bob Richel will be very different in approach from my previous publications. Needless to say I am very excited to see this work come to fruition.

When Bob’s book is finished, I want to revisit the Eldermans-works again for a large book on his works. After that I have some new options which I want to explore. I am thinking of a few topics of interest about which I would love to write. There is another article waiting for Skepter, about the conspiracy theories concerning the Jack the Ripper-case from 1888 and I am preparing an article of a comparative study of the Round House tale and some modern sagas from Western Europe, to establish if Mr. Schalkwijk was inspired by publications of these sagas to create a saga of his own.

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