An interview with De Stentor

Last saturday the local newspaper De Stentor, published in the Veluwe area, featured an interview with yours truly. The interview is in Dutch and can be found online here

Last week also the Belgian magazine for esotericism Para Astro released their November edition with an article about the magic of J.H.W. Eldermans. I will be a guest on three of their fairs in 2018, and you can find the dates in the agenda. For the program and admission prices, please click here.

The pages for The Gnome Trilogy and Hermaphroditus are recently updated with vlogs about the research. The emphasis will be on the Gnome Trilogy for the time to come, since that book is already being edited for publication. The next Hermaphroditus vlog will follow around the Christmas holidays. You can find the Gnome Trilogy facebook page here and the Hermaphroditus fabook page here.

© 2018 Wilmar Taal

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