One final Belgian date and news on Hermaphroditus

On November 4th and 18th I gave lectures in Belgium on the life and works of J.H.W. Eldermans. Although there has been attention to Eldermans in the magazine Para-Astro (which is about to be renamed Bloom), the turn-up wasn’t really great on the first two dates. I do hope the turn-up will be better on December 2nd when the fair visits Leuven, near Brussels. The paperback version of The Silent Listener will be available at the special fair price of 20 euro’s.

In the meantime I am recovering of a nasty flu, and to see if I am becoming fit enough, I decided to start working on the manuscript of Hermaphroditus, with the result that another paragraph has been finished. I am working towards a first chapter being finished (being chapter four), and that leaves eleven more to go. The reason why I can finish chapter four first is because of the lack of artworks, and the turbulent time in Bob’s life, which leaves little room for a discussion about his drawings. Bob does write a lot of poetry in those days, so the emphasis will lie on the poems Bob writes, which are very dark and gritty.

Further I am working on an article about ripperology and why it is a pseudo-science, and not a form of modern history. It demands a lot of media-study and reception-history, meaning that I am very glad that the deadline has been postponed until February 2019.

Well, I am off recovering of the flu again, I hope to see you all in good health on December 2nd in Leuven, Belgium.

© 2018  Wilmar Taal

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