Editing of the Gnome Manuscript almost done

The entire edited manuscript of my upcoming book The Gnome Manuscript. Excerpts of the Works of J.H.W. Eldermans is now finished and ready to be checked for textual anomalies, repeatings and more of these horrors you don’t want to find in your book. One question needs some clarification. Someone asked me how it was possible that this next book is following so close to The Silent Listener. 

You have to understand that The Silent Listener was already done in 2016, and supposed to be published in 2017, but due to scheduling conflicts and problems with a printer, the book was postponed to 2018. The research on The Gnome Manuscript was already finished in 2014, I only had to take out my notes and start writing. During the writing process, which started in September 2017 and was finished around January 2018, I came across some things that needed to be clarified, so I was off again to various locations to study the landscape, buying books that might shine a light on Eldermans’ way of researching and collecting evidence, and it cleared up a lot!

It became also clear that the book was too comprehensive for one volume, so the choice was made to select certain thematics and centre three books around those themes. Henceforth The Gnome Grimoire and The Gnome Compendium were born. These three books cover all of Eldermans’ notes on the little people, with the illustrations he became so famous for. So there you have it. Once the manuscript is finished, and we hope to have that done before Christmas, it is off to Troy Books for the process of lay-out. It will be quite the job, but I know that the final result will be astonishing.

© 2018 Wilmar Taal

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