Happy 2019!

I wish everyone a healthy, inspired and happy 2019. For me it will be a year of milestones. My new book The Gnome Manuscript is currently in lay out, and we are going to start working on The Gnome Grimoire later this year. Work on Hermaphroditus is on the way and looking good, although I am being stonewalled by the Diocese of the Catholic Church in Rotterdam, nevermind, I will find a way around your wall. And last but not least, a new article is in the works for Skepter magazine, and in February or March an interview will appear in Paravisie magazine.

During the Christmas holidays I was cleaning out the attic, to stumble upon three boxes of CD’s of my old band. I am currently in doubt if I should put these up for sale on this website. There is going to be a page concerning my music-era on this website soon, so keep an eye on it. My main focus is on writing, and I am very curious how The Gnome Trilogy will perform! On this page you will find the latest news concerning my activities, and you can Always check my Facebook pages for more news.

© 2019  Wilmar Taal

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