Last October Niels Brummelman of Paravisie magazine did an interview with yours truly in the garden of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, on a truly Sunny afternoon. This interview will be published in the March edition of Paravisie, available from 22 February 2019.

On February 1st you can see me live at the Witches’ café in De Groene Godin in Haarlem. I will start speaking around 19.00 hrs until 21.00 hrs. For more information, check here.

Not confirmed, but already spoken about, is an appearance on a “Round House Fair” which will be held in Nunspeet on April 28th. I will be speaking about the occult society of the Round House and their presumable connection with J.H.W. Eldermans. Keep an eye on this website for confirmed dates!

A new article, Ripperology is being edited as we speak. It is not certain when it will appear.

And a final thing in the works is that I might be speaking again for Skeptics in the Pub, about the presumable escape of Adolf Hitler to Argentina, and moreso why that didn’t happen. A date will soon follow.

The research on Bob Richel is slowly moving forward. The Diocese of Rotterdam decided not to cooperate with my investigation, so I have to find ways around the Diocese to confirm either deny the presumable story of what befell Bob Richel during his childhood. Another lead is about Bob’s escape from the labour camp in Limburg, and what happened after that. Books have been ordered to inform myself more into the background information of these events, allowing me to give you a fair interpretation of what might have happened.

That’s it for now. Keep an eye on the agenda, as exciting things are on the horizon!

© 2019  Wilmar Taal

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