The contract for the new series of books entitled The Gnome Manuscript has been signed and sent back to Troy Books, so the next phase in the upcoming schedule is pre-order. More news will be available here or on the Troy Books website.

Work on the Bob Richel biography is in its final stages of research. There are some people to be interviewed, some records to be checked, some books to be read and some drawings to be studied, and then it is time to write another book about the founder of the Richel-Eldermans collection.

In between I am working on a new Dutch publication about Ufo’s, and it will be academically and historically approved. And I already have fun working on it.

In the upcoming Skepter magazine an article of yours truly will be featured about Jack the Ripper. As you can see: I am keeping myself quite busy.

© 2019  Wilmar Taal


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