PCP Fair and more gnomes…

Although the work on Bob Richel’s biography is slowly commencing, in the meantime I am still speaking at fairs and pubs about all kinds of subjects. Yesterday I opened the PCP Fair in Nunspeet with a lecture about the Round House and the purported occult activities over there. Ofcourse with the peculiar role J.H.W. Eldermans played in that, to tie in with The Silent Listener.

The new book The Gnome Manuscript is near the end of the lay out process, so soon we can expect pre-sale, cover art, the price for which the book will be sold and all more details on promotion and such. Currently we are looking at an illustration that may serve as the header of the chapters. So things are well on the way.

For the Bob Richel book the final interviews are taking place. At the end of June we will travel to France, to see the final portion of the Bob Richel personal records and egodocuments and I will have the final interviews with both of Bob’s daughters. The months after that will be sorting out what we need from the interviews and around October I expect to start writing the final draft of the manuscript. I expect I need two months to three months to complete it.

The Dutch version of the book will differ slightly from the English version. The English version will be more versed into the paranormal and magical interests of Bob, while the Dutch version will delve more into Bob’s life as an artist.

For people who hope for a Dutch version of The Silent Listener, there might be something going on and this will be a slightly different book than the English version…

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