Long overdue update

The work on Hermaphroditus is slowly progressing. The interviews are almost done, but two people who manage to escape me every time I try to make a call. But once those are done, and one new interview-candidate has come on the horizon, we will depart for France. First we go to Paris for a few days, to absorb the “couleur locale” and to visit some of the favorite places of Bob Richel. I am trying to imagine what the attraction was to Paris, and I guess that Louise Richel has given Bob the “Paris-bug”, but I also suspect that Bob has another source of fascination for France in particular. More about that in the book.

Research has also gone over the borders. In the Czech Republic I came across some records concerning Bob’s first wife, which are currently scanned for me to study them. As you can see, I don’t leave a stone unturned. There are a few questions that need answers, and I think these documents will provide me with these answers.

After Paris we go to visit Jeannet Richel, Bob’s daughter, to go through some drawings, some personal records and for some interviews about Bob. After those are finished the final stage of the research will commence, and after that I start writing the book. There will be two versions. The Dutch version will focus more on Bob’s artistry, the English version will have a heavier emphasis on his occult interests. The books are complementary, so Dutch readers who want to know more about Bob as an occultist can also read the English version.

Blauw Boek, my Dutch UFO-history book has reached stage one of the research trajectory. The period 1946-1959 is currently in the works. Two chapters have already been finished, dealing with the Wormer Hole and the Dolmen-theory of Frits Bom. Shorter versions of these chapters have been published as articles in Skepter magazine.

In two weeks an announcement will follow for people who love the works of J.H.W. Eldermans. Yes: there is a new book on the way!

© 2019 Wilmar Taal

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