Much needed update!

There have been some developments recently which I need to share with you. The research on Bob’s book is about to reach completion. There are three more interviews to be planned, the skeletal version of the book is almost finished and the title of the book has changed. The English title will be “Traveller in the frame of a strange painting. The occult life of Bob Laurentius Richel”. After learning so much about Bob’s life and works, I thought that the title “Hermaphroditus” didn’t fit the contents anymore. Archival research also came to completion with the discovery of some records in a Czech archive concerning Bob’s first marriage. It took some hunting, but it finally paid off.

The final stage of the research will be terrain studies. The many addresses of Bob in Rotterdam are unfortunately not possible to get a “couleur locale” from, as some of you might know Rotterdam was severely bombed by the Germans in 1940, and almost all addresses appear to have been destroyed. That leaves some addresses in Schiedam and The Hague to be explored. This will take place in the fall of 2019. The many addresses Bob lived at in Amsterdam will be explored in the coming weeks. Bob’s love for Paris will be explored in a week, when we go to Paris for the weekend, and will visit most of Bob’s favorite places in the City of Lights. Keep an eye on this website for some travel-stories.

After Paris we will stay a couple of days with Bob’s daughter, to go through the final research stage in personal records, do the interviews with his daughters and select some drawings which we want to be included in the book. Bob’s works feature strange worlds with hybrid creatures and gothic settings in which elite figures have monstrous beings on a leash and where male violence is depicted in cannons, guns, missiles, daggers and spears. I do hope to have a first draft ready by December, and that the final draft will be ready in late spring 2020.

And it is not long before my next book will hit the shelves: The Gnome Manuscript Part one: Origins, habits and culture. In the coming weeks Troy Books may start the pre-order, so keep an eye on their website.

© 2019  Wilmar Taal

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