There are things brewing…

The pre-order of The Gnome Manuscript part one: origins, habit and culture is drawing near. I have seen the promo-video Troy Books have made for promotion and it is looking splendid, with great music by Anna Dowling and some footage we shot already in 2018. There is a nice story to tell about the footage. We were in Boscastle and I was aware that a staddle stone was on the opposite side of the Valency river, and these Staddle stones play an important part in the views of J.H.W. Eldermans concerning little people on Guernsey. There was one slight problem: the Staddle stone was in front of a store whose owner was a Christian and very opposed to the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, and we certainly looked the part that we had some affiliation with that museum. So Jane, my Publisher, went into the store to ask for permission to film at the Staddle stone and the lady behind the counter immediately asked ‘it has nothing to do with Witchcraft?’ So we decided not to film at the Staddle stone. Unfortunately for me, a couple of days later I discovered exactly such a stone in the garden of people living next to the visitor’s center, and who might have given us permission to film a shot for the book trailer.

On another notice: the designs for the paperback, hardcover and special edition have been finalized. The designs look fabulous.

Recently an interview appeared with yours truly in Paravisie magazine, a great two page interview with lots of illustrations, but as of yet I haven’t gotten any response on that. But with the review of The Silent Listener in the back of my head, I think we should send The Gnome Manuscript for review as well.

Being concerned with the upcoming publication, I cannot tell you when the pre-order will start, but it will commence very soon. In between all these preparations for the new book, I am already working on the sixth installment in my oeuvre: Traveller in the Frame of a Strange Painting. The occult life of Bob Laurentius Richel (the Dutch version will be called Reiziger in de Lijst van een Vreemd Schilderij. Het verborgen leven van Bob Laurentius Richel). The research phase is almost complete. Three interviews need to be conducted and transcribed, then the final items from the personal archives of the Richel family need to be examined and then we can finally start writing the entire opus. A discovery of a book about Bob’s company in the Dutch Army will send me back into literary research for a couple of pages, and I might have to dig into a little philosophy as well. But the skeleton version of the book already shows promise. Now I have to go and make it somewhat literary. That will not be the problem 😉

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