Final stage for the gnomes

Troy Books has finished the printing proof of The Gnome Manuscript part one, and it looks stunning again. The book has been transformed into the Troy Books house style, and currently I am going to read it over to find the last of the mistakes that slipped my attention. I already caught a few when I skipped through the book. This is the finetuning, once that task is completed, the book is off to the printers, and everyone who pre-ordered will get their copy as soon as they roll off the printing press.

Work on the second part  Magical workings with Nature Spirits will commence this fall, so the second part will be released in 2020. And in the meantime I am working on the final stage of the Bob Richel research as well. This fall I am writing the book about his life and works. And there will be two versions: one specifically for the English market, and one for the Dutch market.

This fall will also see me promote  The Gnome Manuscript. One of the first media outlets who contacted me is the podcast by Karagan Griffith, and I really enjoyed doing the podcast last year. Media who want to pay some attention to the new book, can contact me through this website.

© 2019 Wilmar Taal

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