The last month was a month of rest, where my wife and me went on a long deserved vacation. We visited Italy, Tuscany to be precise, I have finally visited Florence and to be honest it was not quite what I expected. After Italy we went to Arcen in Limburg, Netherlands, where the Elfia festival was taking place, and as my wife enjoyed her days of dressing up, I was to be found more north of the festival grounds, doing some final field research on the book about Bob Richel, and that one was working out great as well. To be in the region where Bob has served his labour service during 1944, made a lot of things clear. The sunday was spent with writing the first chapter of the Bob Richel book, and I am quite pleased with the result, although it is far from finished.

This weekend I will try to finalize the interviews, and to start writing the second chapter, which will include the research I did in Limburg. I can work my way into the late 1940’s, for which I have to consult a book that is hard to get, but is certainly to be found in The Hague, to be exact in the Royal Library. Once this book has been consulted, the writing of the chapter of the late 1940’s into the early 1950’s can commence. If all goes as planned, the manuscript will be ready by the end of this year. But plans are rarely met with reality, so it might run into the early months of 2020. And the hardest chapter to write is also the one where I still have to conduct some interviews for.

In the meantime I am working hard on an article about the nonsense being told about the Knights Templar, especially in the television show The Curse of Oak Island. But these people are easily persuaded by pseudo-historians who write confused books about a subject they barely understand.

Concerning the Round House tales: I have met with a journalist and a webmaster for a local Nunspeet news-site, and we three agreed that it is time to set the record straight, and we are going to blaze on all cannons. Van Vloten should be rehabilitated by giving a street, road or tunnel his name. The people currently spreading the rumours are also planning to write a book. Well, good luck with that. I know how hard it is, and if you are not experienced, you will face some nice challenges. But the Round House tale is slowly dying of it’s own incredibility, and historically there is nothing strange to be found. And you can’t base yourself on rumours alone that even don’t date back to the time Van Vloten was alive.

So there is a lot going on. Refreshed from the Italian sun, good food and fine wines, I am very motivated to start working on a new opus in my bibliography. And as you might have guessed: The Gnome Manuscript part one: Origins, habit and culture has departed for the printers…

© 2019 Wilmar Taal

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