New Article

In the upcoming edition of Skepter a new article will appear about Ripperology, the historic pseudoscience of the history of Jack the Ripper. Why I call it pseudoscientific is purely because many ripperologists do not look critically at the source material concerning their candidate, they view the material mostly through nineteenth century eyes and knowledge (which... Lees verder →

Monday 13th May 2019

I will be giving a lecture about the presumed escape of Adolf Hitler to Argentina in Café De Doffer, located in the Runstraat 12-14 in Amsterdam. The lecture starts around 19.30 hrs in the back room, you can reach that when you enter the bar, walk straight on and make a sharp right turn. The... Lees verder →

PCP Fair and more gnomes…

Although the work on Bob Richel's biography is slowly commencing, in the meantime I am still speaking at fairs and pubs about all kinds of subjects. Yesterday I opened the PCP Fair in Nunspeet with a lecture about the Round House and the purported occult activities over there. Ofcourse with the peculiar role J.H.W. Eldermans... Lees verder →


The contract for the new series of books entitled The Gnome Manuscript has been signed and sent back to Troy Books, so the next phase in the upcoming schedule is pre-order. More news will be available here or on the Troy Books website. Work on the Bob Richel biography is in its final stages of research. There... Lees verder →

Paravisie interview

Although it was mentioned a month ago that the interview with yours truly would appear in the upcoming issue of Paravisie, this is unfortunately not the case. I will let you know when the interview will be available. © 2019  Wilmar Taal

Title change

As you might have heard, we are working hard on the publication of three new books about the gnome-collection of J.H.W. Eldermans, and these books had separate titles. That might be confusing for people interested in this particular collection. So I have suggested a change in the title of the three works. They will all... Lees verder →

Bob Richel website online

The heirs of Bob Richel have started a website to tell something more about Bob before the biography will hit the stores. The website can be found here. The information about the book will be found on this website, and on the Facebookpages. There have been made some significant discoveries about Bob and his works, so... Lees verder →


Last October Niels Brummelman of Paravisie magazine did an interview with yours truly in the garden of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, on a truly Sunny afternoon. This interview will be published in the March edition of Paravisie, available from 22 February 2019. On February 1st you can see me live at the Witches' café in De Groene... Lees verder →

Happy 2019!

I wish everyone a healthy, inspired and happy 2019. For me it will be a year of milestones. My new book The Gnome Manuscript is currently in lay out, and we are going to start working on The Gnome Grimoire later this year. Work on Hermaphroditus is on the way and looking good, although I am being stonewalled... Lees verder →

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