This site is going to quit

Dear reader, Because the visitors on this website are so low that it is starting to cost me money than that it generates (by booksales), I have decided that I will stop with keeping this site online. The site will be online until March 2020, after that this site will be taken offline. For those... Lees verder →


The last month was a month of rest, where my wife and me went on a long deserved vacation. We visited Italy, Tuscany to be precise, I have finally visited Florence and to be honest it was not quite what I expected. After Italy we went to Arcen in Limburg, Netherlands, where the Elfia festival... Lees verder →

Final stage for the gnomes

Troy Books has finished the printing proof of The Gnome Manuscript part one, and it looks stunning again. The book has been transformed into the Troy Books house style, and currently I am going to read it over to find the last of the mistakes that slipped my attention. I already caught a few when I... Lees verder →

The Gnome Manuscript pre-order!

Pre-order for The Gnome Manuscript part one: Origins, habit and culture has started last Friday on the website of Troy Books, you can pre-order the book here. Up to the left you see the paperback version, next to that the standard hardback version and below the special edition. This time the special edition is limited to 100... Lees verder →

There are things brewing…

The pre-order of The Gnome Manuscript part one: origins, habit and culture is drawing near. I have seen the promo-video Troy Books have made for promotion and it is looking splendid, with great music by Anna Dowling and some footage we shot already in 2018. There is a nice story to tell about the footage. We... Lees verder →

Paravisie interview

Although long overdue, the interview with yours truly has been published in Paravisie magazine. You can get a copy in the local bookstore, or you can order it here. Although in Dutch, a translation will be made available shortly. The interview was conducted in October last year, but the content is still up to date with... Lees verder →

De Charentes

A long overdue update on the research into the life of Bob Richel. After four days of Parisian mayhem we were up for some peace and quiet, so we got into the car for our travel to the south-western part of France, De Charentes, where Bob's daughter Jeannet lives with her husband. And the muse... Lees verder →


Fridaymorning 21st June we left at 04.00 AM for a trip to France, first to Paris, where I want to go visit the locations Bob Richel held so dear, and after that we go to the Richel family for some final archival research and interviews. There are still some things unclear of what Bob has... Lees verder →

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